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In 1992 Canadian prosecutor Rupert Ross published Dancing With A Ghost, an account of his interactions with the Aboriginal communities in Northwestern Ontario. What begins as a simple story about the difficulty he faced while trying cases in Native American communities, quickly morphs into a groundbreaking philosophical discussion of Native American culture, and how it is founded on a worldview diametrically opposed to Western views and values. He explores huge ideas, including the roots of our Western system of justice, our propensity to treat symptoms rather than causes, and the very structure and nature of our language.

Bestsellers in Canada, Mr. Ross's books were never published in the US.

Mr. Ross's books have had a profound impact on my life, and I believe his teachings demand a wider audience. I've teamed with filmmakers Roger Spottiswoode (Director of Turner & Hooch, Air America, Tomorrow Never Dies) and Hunter Weeks (Where The Yellowstone GoesWalter, Ride The Divide), to bring Mr. Ross's teachings to the world through a documentary film. 

To learn more, or become part of the project, please email: samipolk@gmail.com.